for your Product

*these designs are created only for you. You can tell us your wishes and which text you want to show! The price has to be added to the normal product price.

Your own image:

Description: You have a logo or picture you want to print on your shirt? Then this is the easiest way!

Front: +0,99€

Back: +0,99€

Both: +3,99€

3D Text design:

Description: This is something special! Your own test in your own style! Dark, rainbow, cinematic, futuristic, minecraft styled or other games? Everything should work!

Transparent background:possible

Front: +3,99€

Back: +3,99€

Both: +6,99€ (same), +8,99€ (different)

2D Text design:

Description: You want your personal text on you shirt? You have some Ideas and want to have your own touch? Yes, that should be your choice!

Front: +1,99€

Back: +1,99€

Both: +4,99€ (same), +5,99€ (different)

Minecraft design:

Description: Your own Minecraft character! Your personal fighting scene? What do you want to hear? It's perfect for you!!

Front: +5,99€

Back: +5,99€

Both: +8,99€ (same), +12,99€ (different)